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  • Bulb: Consists of only the glass section that houses the filament or LED.
  • Collar: Plastic base that secures the bulb. There is no universal shape or size.
  • Lamp: Bulbs and collar together as a unit is referred to as the “lamp”. Consumers receive various amounts of replacement bulbs (lamps) based on the size of the tree. The larger the tree, the more replacement bulbs (lamps)  are provided.

Power Rating: It is important to note that there are different power ratings for light bulbs when replacing individual bulbs or lamps in a strand. The most common rating is 2.5v, and has always been the standard for mini Christmas lights since the 70’s. The second rating is 3.5v. There are no visual differences between the two types of bulbs and they are not interchangeable.  2.5v strands come in multiples of 50 lights (50, 100, 150) and 3.5v strands come in multiples of 35 lights (35, 70, 105).



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