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How do I identify my Polygroup product?

Pool Liner
Filter Canister


Properly identifying your product is the first step needed to help solve issues with the product. You need to know what product you have in order to obtain the correct replacement parts, file a warranty claim or gather accurate technical information you need from our Help Desk. Here are ways to identify your Polygroup product.

Note: For Pools that were purchased more than three years ago, parts currently available may not fit. If the model numbers match, they probably will fit, but there is no guarantee due to possible manufacturing variations since the original items were made. The 5-digit number as shown below is the date the liner was made and can be used as the cutoff date.


Pool Liner


To the right of the filter canister opening is a customer service imprint that includes important information about your Polygroup Pool. An agent at a computer monitor is the dominant image. Our customer service and warranty telephone number 1-888-919-0070 and our web site (older Liners) & (newer liners) are printed. At the bottom right of the imprint is a small box with the liner's model number. "PS202048-AS" as shown in the above example. The number at the bottom of the box also is important to provide to the customer service agent. "21118" is the Julian Date which is the date the liner was manufactured, example shown above. The liner model number is needed for liner, covers and frame replacement parts. Our online store is found at



Summer Escapes Pools have a round shaped frame that normally is white in color. The Pro Series Pools have frames that can be white or grey and in the following shapes:

Oval shape frame components, such as the one above, are most common. These components are available in white or grey.


Previously, slightly different shaped frame components (see above) were used instead of the Summer Escapes round frame pieces or the Pro Series oval frame pieces. The oblong frame components shown above will be either white or grey.


Filter Canister

There are five canister model types used on Polygroup pools. The SFS and SFX filter canisters are mounted on the side of the pool. The RP and RX canisters sit on the ground. The CP-2000c pump and canister integrated system also sits on the ground.



The SFS and RP Filtration Systems will be embossed as above. On the side of the canister will be "SFS1000" or "RP1000"  embossed in bold lettering and numbers. If you buy your filter canister from a third party, it is possible that the canister may not have any embossed model number at all.

The SFX and RX Filtration Systems will be labeled on the side of the canister as above. These newer systems should not have any additional markings other than what is shown above.



Polygroup pumps F series (F350, F400, F600,F700/F800, F1000, F1500, F2000) pumps are marked on the bottom of the pump as shown below.

Polygroup pumps X series (X300, X600, X1000, X1500) pumps are marked with a yellow stamp on the pump body as shown below. The pump can come in black or grey in color.


Polygroup CP-2000 pumps has a unique appearance and is a lot bigger then all other Polygroup pumps and is attached next to a canister as seen below.


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