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Pool Safety Tips

At Polygroup®, we want you and your family to have a fun and safe summer in your new pool. Our primary concern is your family's safety. Please use caution with any pool you purchase. We would like to share some pool safety tips and information. While many of these tips are directed toward children, pool safety practices are important for adults as well, especially those who may be inexperienced swimmers. We highly recommend that you review these tips and visit the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website at for more detailed information.

 Polygroup Warnings and Notes:

WARNING:DO NOT overfill the pool and / or allow people to lay over or sit on pool wall- DOING SO CAN CAUSE PERMANENT INJURY! DRAIN pool to the proper level after a heavy rain.

NOTE: DO NOT attempt to assemble this pool in adverse weather conditions, windy conditions or when the temperature is below 60°F.

NOTE: This is a storable pool, which should be disassembled and stored when temperatures are expected to fall below 32°F.


To ensure that your children are safe, please follow these pool safety tips:

1. Please carefully read and follow manufacturer's instructions for set up and maintenance of your new pool. Please practice caution with pool chemicals and electrical equipment used near the pool. Make sure to follow any safety advice found on their labels.

2. Do not leave children unattended in and around the pool. Carefully supervise children and closely watch them around water, even those who know how to swim.

3. Children can drown in only a few inches of water. Please practice caution with any type of pool you purchase, including children's pools.

4. Do not dive into above-ground pools. They are too shallow. Serious injury may result.

5. Prevent unsupervised children from accessing the pool. Do not leave the pool open and accessible as children can fall into the pool. The CPSC recommends installing physical barriers, such as fences with latched gates around pools to limit access. You also can install alarms on doors leading from the house to the pool. Regulations vary from state to state. Please see the CPSC website for more information, and be sure to follow any local regulations.

6. Remove the ladder, and completely cover an above-ground pool when not in use to help prevent children from entering. Please note that children may also be able to enter the pool by climbing up the sides. Make sure that the cover of the pool is completely lifted over the pool. Do not partially open the pool. Also make sure that your child does not walk on top of the pool cover.

7. Be prepared in case of emergency. Please make sure that there is always a life saving flotation device handy near the pool.

8. Keep rescue equipment, a telephone and emergency numbers handy. We recommend parents, pool owners and those responsible for childcare learn basic CPR techniques in case of any accident.

We want to encourage everyone to enjoy their pools and be safe. For more information about pool safety, please visit You can also call their Hotline at (800) 638-2772.

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