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Solar Heat Mat System

The Solar Heater Mat System heats the pool using the sun's rays. The main advantages are:

  • Use the sun's energy to warm the pool up by as many as 10° F
  • Inexpensive, compact and easy to operate
  • Installs anywhere in just minutes Safe for the environment
  • Durable, synthetic rubber
  • Standard 1 1/2-inch plumbing for easy installation to your pools filter system


How does it work?

Cool water travels through the filter system hose into the solar heater mat. The mat, which has been sitting the sun, warms the water up by as many as 10° Fahrenheit. The water then runs through a hose and into the return fitting and back into the pool. 

For further information on the Solar Heat Mat System, please call one of our customer care associates at 1-888-919-0070.  If your wish to purchase a Solar Heat Mat System you may speak to our representative or you may visit our online store.


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