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Quick Set Tree Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a Polygroup Quick Set Tree, or most other types of artificial trees can be broken down into a number of basic categories.  The categories are listed below with troubleshooting steps to help you solve your problem.  If your problem continues or you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-888-919-0070.


Missing or damaged components

1. Missing parts are some times not missing.  Each section of the tree is individually wrapped in bubble wrap and sometimes missing components can be found taped to the trunk of the tree.  You may also find components that have shifted during shipping and have worked their way into the layers of bubble wrap.  Inspect each item as you remove it from the box and inventory the contents to ensure you have all of your components.  If you are missing components after a full inventory, please contact us for assistance.

2.  If any of your components are damaged out of the box, please contact Polygroup at 1-888-919-0070 so one of our customer care associated may assist you.


Discolored or Yellowing of Tree

1. White trees have a blue tint to them, and may look blue/grey while in the box. Please set up the tree fully and turn the lights on to see the white color.

2. Sunlight can cause white trees to fade. Over time, white trees will turn yellowish.

3. Polygroup will replace a same or similar section of comparable value after the Christmas season on trees purchased in the same year.

4. Polygroup will not replace discolored trees purchased in previous years. Trees only become discolored due to misuse and accidental damage, which are not covered under the limited warranty.



1. Trees need to be “shaped” or “fluffed” in order to look their best. Follow the instructions and assemble the tree. Once assembled, take each branch and separate each tip and shape them in such a way to spread out the tips and give the tree a ‘full’ look. Please see Fluffing/Shaping your Tree”.

2. The flocking on the trees likely will shed a little, but not enough to change the overall appearance or function of the tree. PE tips are glued on the ends of branches, so sometimes small tips will fall off. Some shedding is normal. This shedding is covered by warranty. 

There are three standard types of lights used by Polygroup Trees.  Below are links to the standard troubleshooting based on type.  Please contact us at 1-888-919-0070 if you have any further questions.


Standard Incandescent


On Quick Connect aka Quick Set trees, rotating the sections can sometimes ensure proper lighting by ensuring good electrical flow.  Be sure that section end caps are removed to allow for proper connection.  Also check for debris that might hinder same good connection.

Light strands come in standard plug and "RCA Jack" style.  Always ensure that all plugs are connected securely to the trunk and or controller (extension cord).

TIP: Female plugs in trunk can be hidden under bark.  RCA female jacks are dark and color and may be difficult to see.




Mismatch on pieces

1. Rotate section until it fits. Take out the upper section of the tree, turn and re-seat the section repeatedly until it fits securely into the next section. This could be a potential warranty claim if the sections do not fit properly. Photographs of the pieces and proof of purchase are required to submit a warranty claim.

Wrong sections

1. Make sure you have all of the correct sections and set them up together correctly based upon diagram in the manual. The sections are arranged from largest (bottom) to smallest (top). You can verify sections by the numbered/lettered tags.

The pieces fit too tight

1. Use spray lubricant on the poles to help slide in.

Poles are in wrong order

1. Identify the correct poles by looking at end of each pole. There is only one way to assemble these correctly.

TIP: The bottom section will have a tapered end which slides into stand.

Sections will not disassemble

1. The sections need lubrication. Locate the division between sections, put a little silicon lubricant in the division and rotate the sections in opposite directions to loosen the connection.
TIP: Utilizing two people for section assembly and dis-assembly is advisable.
Holes in my tree stand aren't properly aligned

1. The stand likely isn't opened all the way. Rotate and slide legs until the holes line up, then insert the stand key and screw tightly while the bottom section is inserted into the stand.

2. Rotate and slide legs until holes line up, then insert the stand key and screw tightly while bottom section is inserted into the stand.
Metal locking stand is not locking
 1. Push down and rotate the lock plate.  If necessary, raise the round plate upward about half way up the stand and then push down and rotate.  The plate will lock into place securing your stand legs.
Rotating stand will not rotate
1. If tree lights are on, that confirms that power is passing through the stand and into lighting.  Inspect stand for damage and plug back into power.
2. If rotating stand has a switch, click the switch and back again.
3. The stand is non-functional, please contact Polygroup at 1-888-919-0070 for further assistance.
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