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Standard Maintenance Kit Setup Instructions



(For Summer Waves® CP2000-C, RP, RX or Sand Filtration Systems)
Standard Maintenance Kits Include:

    • One of our 3 different Venturi Action Vacuum Heads
    • (1) Telescoping Pole or 3-Piece Pole
    • Skimmer Leaf Net
    • Vacuum Bag
    • Hose Clip

 How to use the Leaf Net

 1. Insert the Skimmer Leaf Net onto the end of the 3-Piece Pole or the Telescoping Pole.

 2. Adjust the Telescoping Pole to the desired length.

Note: The 3-Piece Pole may be assembled with 2 or 3 pieces to adjust the length. Make sure to assemble the pole so the section with holes through the side is on one end and the section with the end cap is at the other end.

 3. Use the leaf net to scoop out leaves and debris inside the pool.

Tip: For larger pools, stand in the center of the pool, and scoop out debris from the center outward. A second person standing outside the pool can pick out anything that remains in the net when you turn the leaf net upside down outside of the pool. You can tap it lightly on the metal frame to shake off debris.

How to use the Venturi Action Vacuum Head with the Summer Waves® CP2000-C, RP, RX or Sand Filtration Systems

1. Connect the Vacuum Head onto the Telescoping Pole. Adjust the pole to the desired length.     

2. Unscrew the plug located at the rear of the Vacuum Head.

3. Connect a 5/8-inch Garden Hose (not included) to the Vacuum Head; and secure with the lock nut on the Vacuum Head (Note: Spin the round Vacuum Head onto the garden hose to secure it).


4. Attach the Vacuum Bag (sock) to the Vacuum Head, using the drawstring to tighten the bag.

5. Place the Vacuum Head inside the pool, connect the garden hose to a water supply and turn it on. This will create the Venturi vacuum action at the Vacuum Head, and dirt will be sucked into the Vacuum Bag.

6. Vacuum your pool by slowly moving the vacuum head across the pool floor. Avoid stirring up piles of debris or dirt that might have accumulated on the floor.

7. After you are done vacuuming or when the Vacuum Bag is filled, move the Vacuum Head to the sidewall of the pool, turn the Vacuum Head upside down, shut off the water supply and remove the Vacuum Head from the water slowly. Detach the Vacuum Bag and rinse with running water. Hang the bag to dry.


Click here for instructions on how to use the Deluxe Maintenance Kit
(if you have an SFS or SFX SkimmerPlus® Filter Pump System)

If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-919-0070. You may also contact us at

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