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Hose Care and Tips

Hoses are an essential part to your Summer Escapes or Pro Series above-ground pool. Proper care for them will save you time and money. Below are tips for caring for the hoses.

1. Inspect hoses every time you assemble, take down or prepare to store your pool.  Ensure all hoses are clean and free of debris. Check for cracks or other wear damage that may cause water leaks.

2. Be careful not to step on or lean up against the hoses. The plastic hoses may become damaged.

3. It is always advisable to keep a spare hose in case one becomes damaged. This will allow to keep using your pool instead of having to wait for a replacement hose to ship.

4. Ensure that hose clamps are installed but not too tight. Over tightening clamps may cause damage to the hoses.

You may purchase replacement hoses by calling Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070 or at our online store.

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