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Pool Fountain Sprayer Attachment


NOTE: Fountain Sprayer Attachment is designed ONLY to work with Polygroup Limited Pools equipped with the Skimmer Filter System (see FIG. 1 to confirm you have the right system.) WARNING! Fountain Attachment is intended for temporary periodic use! DO NOT use as the permanent return fitting. Pump wear can occur and poor filtration of your pool will result because this device restricts the intended return flow rate.

1. Before you begin to install the fountain, turn off the pump. Loosen the Locking Ring (#21) on your existing return fitting and remove the Diverter Fitting (#20) and put it in a safe place for re-use later. Now slip the Locking Ring (#21) over the Fountain Mounting Elbow (A) and thread it back onto the Wall Fitting (#15) and tighten while holding the Fountain Mounting Elbow (A) upright vertically (see FIG. 1.)

2. Install the Flow Regulator (B). It slides onto the Mounting Elbow (A). Notice the Mounting Elbow (A) and Flow Regulator (B) have slotted openings. Align these so they are both matched wide open.

3. Install your choice of Spray Heads (C) or (D). NOTE: Spray Head (C) has multiple small holes of which will give you a multi-stream fountain. Spray Head (D) is a single hole of which will give you more of a streaming fountain. Simply thread the spray head you chose onto the mounting elbow. Don’t tighten the spray head completely at this time.

4. Start your pump and adjust the Flow Regulator (B) to achieve the fountain height and flow you desire. Tighten the Spray Head (C) or (D) to hold the Flow Regulator (B) in place.

HELPFUL TIPS: When using your fountain, make sure you are not spraying water out of your pool.

If you notice water is spraying out of the pool, loosen the Spray Head and adjust the Flow Regulator to keep the fountain flow in the pool. Be sure to re-tighten the Spray Head to hold the Flow Regulator in place. Using the fountain on windy days increases your loss of water. If you notice a decrease in fountain flow check your filter according to your Filter System Owners Manual. Also check the Spray Head to make sure there is no debris in it. If there is, flush it out with the garden hose.


1. GENERAL INFORMATION: Remove Locking Collar (21) and remove the fountain unit parts (A-D)

A. All parts should be cleaned with a mild soap and lukewarm water only. DO NOT use detergent or hot water.

B. Make sure all parts are dry before storing to help prevent mildew.

C. Store all parts in a dry, heated area where temperatures do not go below 32° F or above 125° F.

D. Failure to follow the proper storage instructions could cause damage to the fountain.

E. Follow these assembly instructions to reassemble your POOL FOUNTAIN next season.

Should you encounter any problems, contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

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