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Christmas Recycling Program

If you don't want to throw old Christmas lights, extension cords and artificial trees in the trash, send them to us. We will recycle them for you. Here is how it works:

What do we do with the lights and trees?
When we receive lights, extension cords and trees for recycling, we remove them from the package and recycle the box. We then ship the products in bulk to our in-house recycling facility located in Dongguan, China. Our recycling center sorts the products and processes lights and trees through a commercial shredder to break them down to smaller pieces. These pieces are further processed, filtered and sorted into the various components that make up the lights and trees (eg. PVC, copper, and metal). These materials will be re-used for second-generation products such as bubble wrap and plastic bags.

Why should I participate in the program?
Be a responsible consumer and help protect the environment by reducing landfill waste.

Where should I send my used lights and trees for recycling?
Recycling Center
651 S. Stratford, Suite 100
Meridian, ID 83642

Please DO:
1. Pack your lights and trees in cardboard boxes or packaging that can be
easily recycled.
2. Pack items as tightly and compactly as possible to reduce size of packaging.
3. Coordinate with friends, neighbors, co-workers, social groups, church
groups, or other organizations when possible to collect lights and trees and
send in one bulk shipment. This will help reduce shipping costs for everyone
and reduce the environmental impact of shipping.

Please DO NOT:
1. Include any packing material or anything other than the lights, extension
cords, and trees themselves.
2. Put your lights, extension cords, and trees in plastic bags or any other interior

Thank you for visiting our website and for participating in Polygroup®’s recycling program. Contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070 if you have any questions.

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