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Tree Basics

What is the distance between the lights on the strand attached to Topiary Trees?

There are 4 inches between lights on Topiary Trees.

What is flocking on the trees made of?

Flocking is a mix of PVC and glue that creates a snow-like mixture. Flocking meets all U.S. safety standards.

What is my tree made out of?

Trees are made up of two types of plastic:

1. PVC: Most branches are made of a flat material cut into strips and attached to a metal wire.

2. PE (polyethylene): More realistic tips, and molds are created from real trees.

How do I make my convertible tree shorter?

On convertible trees, remove the No. 3 section (third from top). The main extension cord will be located in section No. 2. Connect sections No. 4 and No. 1 to section No. 2 for the shorter tree to light up. See diagram below.



Can I add extra effect adapters like dimmers and blinkers to the tree?

We do not recommend adding extra electrical devices to the tree as it may cause the fuses to overload. The use of any adapters on the tree will void the warranty.

Can I get my product shipped quicker?

For tree purchases only, we offer FedEx Express shipping (2-3 business day delivery). There is a charge for this service. This option is not available on warranty orders.

How do I care for my tree?

It is highly recommended that you unplug Christmas tree lights before leaving home or going to bed. After the season, pack the tree in the original box or in a Christmas tree storage bag and store in a cool, dry place. Please see manufacturer’s manual for care and safety instructions.

How do I replace a hinge pin?

Place the branch into the slot of the bracket. Insert a new hinge pin through the hole and secure using a retainer washer. Both hinge pins and washers are available in our online store.



Is my Christmas tree flame retardant?

Yes. The materials used to manufacture the Christmas trees are flame retardant and should not become a fire accelerator. Follow the safety guidelines included with the user manual for proper setup and maintenance.

Can my Christmas tree be placed outdoors?

Trees are intended for indoor use only, unless specified for indoor and outdoor use. Placing an indoor tree outdoors is dangerous and voids the manufacturer’s warranty.

How do I store my tree?

Remove all decorations and lights that you added to the tree. Gently lift each section of the tree and remove the bottom section from the tree base. For lighted trees, detach the light connections between tree sections as you separate the sections. When packing up the tree, check that there is no strain or stress on the light strings to ensure they do not get cut, frayed or damaged. Tape the box shut to keep out dust or insects.

Please see “Storing your Tree” for further instructions.

Where are your Christmas trees and lights sold?

Polygroup® holiday products are sold under Polytree®. We also produce trees and lights sold under private label brand names of leading retailers in the U.S. and around the world. Please browse through Our Clients page to see where our products can be found.

Will the light string stay on when one bulb burns out?

Yes. The light sets are designed to remain lit even when a bulb burns out. However, we recommend replacing missing or burned out bulbs as soon as possible. Failure to do so will shorten the lifespan of the light set.

I’m having trouble removing a bulbs to replace a light. What do I do?

Incandescent lights feature a small, T-shaped plastic tab on the bulb base that locks the lamp down into the socket. Be sure that you undo that clip before trying to remove the bulb.

Surebright light strands have one bulb that contains a fuse that is physically connected to the string and cannot be removed. This single bulb socket looks different than the other bulbs. These bulbs cannot be replaced and attempting to do so presents a hazard.

If other bulbs are working and the string still does not light, check our lighting troubleshooting page or call customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

Can I remove the lights from my pre-lit tree and use them elsewhere?

While it is not recommended, you can remove the lights. Lights are clipped in place with a small plastic u-shape holder. Please take note of the warnings and labeling regarding proper use of lights.

Why doesn't my tree look like the picture on the box?

Trees need to be “shaped” or “fluffed” in order to look their best. After assembling the tree according to the instruction manual, you should take each branch and separate each tip and shape them in such a way to spread out the tips and give the tree a ‘full’ look. Please see “Fluffing/Shaping your Tree”.

It looks like my tree is rusting. What can I do?

Although treated to prevent rust, if exposed to moisture, the steel wire in a tree may begin to rust. We suggest a light brushing of the branches with a soft nylon bristle brush. You should be careful not to scratch the center tree pole with assembling/disassembling the tree. Always store the tree in a dry location, and if possible, in a tree bag.

How long will my tree last?

With proper care, your tree can last for many seasons. Some customers have successfully used their tree for more than 10 years!

Lights are subject to the amount of use. Individual lights can be easily replaced if they fail.

Where is my tree made?

All Polygroup trees are designed by our teams in the United States and Asia and are manufactured in one of our factories in China or Thailand.

Can I add other electrical accessories to my tree?

If you choose to add other electrical accessories to your tree, please follow the below guidelines:

Ensure you follow all manufacturers’ directions for the product.

DO NOT plug any accessory item (not provided with the tree/light set) into the lights or vice versa. Only plug the Polygroup lights directly into a power outlet.

It is not recommended to use any extension cords or power strips as they may overload the circuit and/or may not deliver enough power for the lights.

The use of any third-party products with the tree/lights will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Why can't I buy a whole tree from you?

We are a warranty center and our role is to replace/repair components for PolyGroup tree units. We are designed to assist our valued consumers in maintaining usage of their tree products and accessories. We do not operate to compete with our retailers. We partner with our retailers to sell the trees as a whole unit in mass quantity. To find where to purchase our products, please go to In the “about us” section, click "our clients" to see a list of some of our retailers.

How do I set up my Christmas tree?
Assembly instructions are provided with your tree. To obtain another copy of the assembly guide, please visit our Example Manuals page or contact our Customer Service Center for further queries.

What should I do if my Christmas tree is missing some parts?
Click the green help button on the help desk and fill out the form or call our U.S. toll free customer service number at 1-888-919-0070 for further assistance.

What should I do if the Christmas tree will not light?
Please check to make sure that all plugs are properly connected and plugged in. Refer to assembly guide for instructions.
Please check for blown fuses at the plug, and replace as needed.
Please check for loose, broken, or missing light bulbs and replace as needed. (Does not apply to patented SureBright™ premium lights, which should stay lit even if above conditions occur.)
Click the green help button on the help desk and fill out the form, and our Customer Service Representative will be happy to assist you.

Does my tree come with replacement bulbs and fuses?
Yes. Each tree comes with an extra bulbs packet attached to the end of the cord. A replacement spare fuse located inside the plug of the extension cord / control box. Decorative light strands use both strands in their male plugs. Hence the reason to replace both fuses if the strand is not functional. Please refer to your instruction manual or our Example Manuals page for more details. For additional bulbs and fuses, they can be found at most major retailers or contact our Customer Service Center.

How do I replace loose, broken, or missing bulbs and change the fuses on my tree or light sets?
Please refer to your instruction manual or visit our Example Manuals page for more information.

Can I add extra effect adapters like dimmers and blinkers to the tree?
We don't recommend adding electrical devices to the tree as they may cause fuses to overload. Doing so will void any existing manufacturer's warranty on the product.

What is your warranty policy?
We provide a two- or five-year limited warranty on our trees. Please refer to your warranty card or call Polygroup customer care 1-888-919-0070.

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