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Foliage Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a Polygroup tree foliage is offered based on different foliage issues and scenarios. The categories are listed below with troubleshooting steps to help you solve your problem. If your problem continues or you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-888-919-0070.

Why doesn't my tree look like the picture on the box?

Trees need to be “shaped” or “fluffed” in order to look their best. Follow the instructions and assemble the tree. Once assembled, take each branch and separate each tip and shape them in such a way to spread out the tips and give the tree a ‘full’ look. Please see “Fluffing/Shaping your Tree”.


What if my tree is discolored or the color has faded?

Please see discolored/faded


What if I notice that my tree is shedding?

The flocking on the trees likely will shed a little, but not enough to change the overall appearance or function of the tree. PE tips are glued on the ends of branches, so sometimes small tips will fall off. Some shedding is normal. This shedding is covered by warranty. 


What if the upper section of the tree isn't fitting into the bottom section?

1st Possible Issue Causing Problem: Mismatch on pieces

Troubleshooting steps: Rotate section until it fits. Take out the upper section of the tree, turn and re-seat the section repeatedly until it fits securely into the next section. This could be a potential warranty claim if the sections do not fit properly. Photographs of the pieces and proof of purchase are required to submit a warranty claim.

2nd Possible Issue Causing Problem: Wrong sections.

Troubleshooting steps: Make sure you have all of the correct sections and set them up together correctly based upon diagram in the manual. The sections are arranged from largest (bottom) to smallest (top). You can verify sections by the numbered/lettered tags.

3rd Possible Issue Causing Problem: The pieces fit too tight

Troubleshooting steps: Use spray lubricant on the poles to help slide in.

4th Possible Issue Causing Problem: Poles are in wrong order

Troubleshooting steps: Identify the correct poles by looking at end of each pole. There is only one way to assemble these correctly.


What if the branches on my tree hang too low?

There are two potential issues. First, are you missing hinge pins? If so, please contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070. The more likely issue is that the low-hanging branches need to be bent upward. Hold the branch firmly near the eye-hook area where attached to the pole and slowly bend upward with your other hand.


What if the holes in my tree stand aren't properly aligned?

The stand likely isn't opened all the way. Rotate and slide legs until the holes line up, then insert the stand key and screw tightly while the bottom section is inserted into the stand.

Troubleshooting steps: Rotate and slide legs until holes line up, then insert the stand key and screw tightly while bottom section is inserted into the stand.


What if I can't get sections to separate when taking down the tree?

The sections need lubrication. Locate the division between sections, put a little silicon lubricant in the division and rotate the sections in opposite directions to loosen the connection.

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