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LED Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a Polygroup tree with LED lights is offered based on different issues and scenarios. The categories are listed below with troubleshooting steps to help you solve your problem. If your problem continues or you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 1-888-919-0070.

What if an entire strand of LED lights isn't working?

First, check that the strand is correctly plugged in and that all lights are connected properly. Next, starting from the plug, find first unlit bulb in strand, take out and replace with new bulb. Extra bulbs are available from Polygroup customer service. If changing the bulb doesn't fix the problem, try replacing both fuses in the male plug of the light strand.  If the light strand is connected to an extension cord / control box, change out the fuse with the spare provided inside the cord plug or one provided with the tree.  Contact Polygroup at 1-888-919-0070 if this doesn't solve the problem.

What if part of an LED strand isn't working?

Starting from the plug, find the first unlit light and take it out and replace it with a new bulb.  Replace any cracked, broken or missing bulbs. Extra bulbs can be obtained by contacting Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

The LED lights on my tree aren't as bright. What can I do?

LED lights do not burn out, but they do dim over time. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done to fix this issue.

The LED lights on my tree are flickering. Can this be fixed?

On 2012 and earlier models, a rectifier box is used to minimize the flickering so it can't be seen with the naked eye (LED lights are a constant-pulse light and appear to flicker without the rectifier box). If you are experiencing visible flickering, there is an issue with the rectifier box. Contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

Only one color of LED lights is working. What should I do?

You likely need to contact Polygroup customer service. Before calling, we will need to know if all of the lights originally worked. It also helps to know that after the tree has been lit for a few minutes only one type will work. To fix this issue, contact customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

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    Renee R

    I had a consumer call and say her lights were outside led lights and some of them were working when she shook them, then they quit working. No loose or broken bulbs, tried different circuits still no success. On this page, I wish there were more information for outdoor Led lighting.