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Pull Up Tree Set Up

Pull up trees feature branches that are attached to an accordion ring that hooks on to the top of the inner pull. These trees require minimal fluffing and take little time to setup.

Step 1

Choose an appropriate location next to a wall outlet and assemble the tree stand on a level surface.

Step 2

Remove the protective cap from the bottom pole and insert the pole with the tapered end into the assembled stand. Make sure it is firmly inserted and secured into the stand. See Fig.1 below.

Step 3

Take the wreath-shaped tree body and thread the pole through the holes in the tree body, except for the top hole. Leave the top portion to the side while the rest has the pole inserted throughout. See Fig. 2, Fig. 3 below.

Step 4

Holding on to the handle, lift the top ring up and over the top of the pole. Set the ring down so it rests on the square support. See Fig. 4 below.

Step 5

To attach the top tree section, insert it into the matching hole on the top of the pole. The dangling light string should hang down into the center of the tree. See Fig. 5 below

Step 6

Connect plug(s) securely to the extension cord(s) and insert the green label extension cord plug into the wall outlet. Your tree should now be lit. If some bulbs do not light or flicker, search for loose plugs, loose bulbs or missing bulbs. Replace bulbs promptly in order to maintain the performance and life expectancy of your pre-lit tree.

Step 7

Shape the tips: Begin to shape the tips working from the bottom to the top. Pull tips out and up to cover any bare space.


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