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Hinged Tree Set Up

Step 1

Remove parts from the box. Reference the user manual to ensure that all required parts are accounted for. If you are missing parts, contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

Step 2

Assemble stand on a level surface near a wall outlet, allowing for space by measuring diameter listed on box.

Metal Wire Stand: Assemble by pulling into an “X” shape with 90-degree angles.


Sheet Metal Stand: Unfold the legs and lay the stand flat, then slide the locking disc downward and snap into place. Some metal stands also require a slight turn to lock the disc.



Plastic Stand: Insert plastic legs into the grooves in the stand center. Make sure the stand is stable after the legs have been installed.


 Rotating Stand: Follow the below instructions

Step 3

Take the bottom (highest numbered) section of the tree, remove protective cap, and insert pole into hole in stand. Some stands will require you to screw a key into the stand hole to secure the section. Once the section is secured, allow hinges to fall and start shaping/fluffing the tree from the bottom up, from the center out. See Fluffing-and-Shaping your Tree for more details. Locate the plug that fits into the center extension cord and set it aside.

Step 4

Remove protective caps, and continue fitting the previous numbered section into the first section you set up until all sections have been fit into one another.



Step 5

Take the plug you set aside from Step 3 and plug into the middle extension cord as instructed in your manual. Do the same from the top section(s) as well. Plug the center extension cord directly into the wall and the trees lights should turn on. If the lights aren't on, check out troubleshooting section.

Step 6 (Remote control models only)

Some Christmas trees have remote controls. To set up the remote, plug the receiver box directly into the wall, then plug the extension cord into the receiver box. Make sure the plastic tab is pulled on the battery in the remote control. You can now use the remote to turn the lights on and off.

Manual Example:


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