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Identify Your Christmas Light Type

LED Lights

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Christmas Lights can be identified by their lack of a filament and the presence of a T-Lock on the side of the bulb.  The strand may have a RCA style jack and control box instead of a standard plug and extension cord.


LED lights on newer trees can be identified by their RCA Jack style plug and Control Box extension cord.


Incandescent Lights
Standard Incandescent lights are identified by their filament and T-Lock. Incandescent is the oldest Christmas lighting technology.
Surebright lights are identified by their filament and lack of a T-Lock. They also have a small "tooth" on the bottom (see photo). Surebright strands have a master fuse bulb every 50 bulbs.
2009 version has the "tooth" in the middle (left)
2010 and newer model shown on right.
2013-Current: Master Fuse Bulb can be replaced.

2012 and older Surebright light strands have fuse bulbs that are glued to the base and CANNOT be replaced. (These can be identified by a white collar around the bulb. See photo below).

The Master Fuse Bulb found on 2013-1414 manufactured trees can be replaced. Check the bulb pack that came inside your box.




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