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Hook Tree Setup

Hooked trees don't have lights, and all branches are separate and color coded. These trees allow for maximum customization of decorations.

Step 1

Remove parts from the box. Reference the user manual to ensure that all required parts are accounted for. If you are missing parts, contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070.

Step 2

Assemble stand on a level surface near a wall outlet, allowing for space by measuring diameter listed on box.

Metal Wire Stand: Assemble by pulling into an “X” shape with 90-degree angles.



Sheet Metal Stand: Unfold the legs and lay the stand flat, then slide the locking disc downward and snap into place. Some metal stands also require a slight turn to lock the disc



Plastic Stand: Insert plastic legs into the grooves in the stand center. Make sure the stand is stable after the legs have been installed.



Step 3

Insert center Pole into the stand. Each tier of hooks for branches is color coded, just like the individual branches.

Step 4

Starting from the bottom, take each corresponding color branch and insert it into the center pole. Fluff/Shape the tree by gently pulling the branches up and out as you work your way up. For more information, please see Fluffing and Shaping your Tree.




Step 5

Once all branches have been inserted into their corresponding color, insert the top piece of the tree into the pole and shape it.

Manual Example:

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