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Fluffing and Shaping


When you unpack your Christmas tree, it won't look like the picture on the box. That's because your new tree just hasn't been "fluffed" or "shaped" to its full potential like the tree on the box.

Artificial tree branches that have been packed get very flat and compressed so that all the tips are pointing in the same direction, this is going to cause the tree to look a bit thin. Here are some tips to get a fuller, healthier looking tree.

1. Start at the bottom at the back of the branch toward the trunk. Work one branch at a time and spread the tips apart from each other. Think up and out. You can go back and tweak every other tip to go up or down off the branch’s basic vertical axis. Remember, in nature, each branch and branch tip is seeking light, so if the tree is getting good light from three sides, the branches and tips will spread out and up. This process is easiest if you fluff each section after inserting the section and plugging it into the correct area as specified in the user manual, moving your way up the tree.

2. If you have a large tree, and it was packed away very tightly, you may want to enlist some help. A tree that has been “fluffed” will have much more interesting and realistic texture than one that is put together right out of the box. You can also see how fluffing the inner branches contribute to the overall “fullness” of the tree. That’s why fluffing the outer few inches of the tree after it’s been assembled is less effective.

Fluffing does take time, but a properly shaped tree can make all the difference! Check out this How-to-Fluff-an-Artificial-Christmas-Tree video available.

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