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Air Beds Warranty Questions


Over time, an air bed will deflate on its own and needs to be refilled. If the bed is deflating at a rapid rate, however, there are a few things that can be done to resolve the issue.

If the problem is a slow leak or pinhole:

1. Locate the leak using a spray bottle with a little bit of soapy water. When you spray the bed, bubbles will be created where the leak is.

2. Patch the leak using the patch that came with the air bed. If you need to patch an area that is flocked, gently sand down the flocking with sand paper (not included), then attach the patch. Polygroup customer service sells patches. Call 1-888-919-0070 to order.

If you are calling in regarding an un-patchable leak, or tear:

1. If you purchased an air bed from ALDI, contact Polygroup customer service at 1-888-919-0070. ALDI provides a three-month warranty with proof-of-purchase.

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