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Adventuridge Air Beds


We offer several twin-sized mattresses. Our "Adventuridge" line is sold through the retailer ALDI. We also offer our "Cleaver Farm & Home" line, which is sold through the retailer True Value.


Warranty Card:

(2014) MODEL: ME1-495H-337-G PRODUCT CODE #:6049 (3 Month/90 day)

These air beds have a 90-day warranty. Proof-of-purchase is required for warranty replacements. We can replace the air mattress if it has a leak or tear that can not be patched. We can replace the hand-held pump if it malfunctions. The pump requires four "D" batteries that aren't included.

Product Information

User Manual: Adventuridge User Manual



If you have any questions, please contact us at 1-888-919-0070.  You can also contact us at

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