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Air Bed Basics

What are the weight limits for Nordic Peak products?

 Twin sized mattress - 300 lbs. for 1 person

 Full sized mattress - 450 lbs. for up to 2 people

 Queen sized mattress - 650. lbs for up to 2 people

If my air bed has a leak, how can I find it?

Make a mixture of lukewarm water and liquid soap. Use a sponge to apply solution or place in a bottle to squirt the solution on the bed seams. If there is a leak, it will bubble.

My bed will not inflate properly. Why?

 Some possible reasons and solutions:

 1. The air release valve is open. If the valve is a Boston-style valve, make sure the valve body and cap are tightly closed so air cannot escape after inflation. If the valve is the Rapid Release or Quick Flow valve, close it by using two thumbs to push cover and snap it into place.

 2. The pump is not plugged in. Plug pump into any 110 Volt AC electrical outlet (220V product sold outside North America).

 3. The pump is plugged in, but not turned on. Turn on the power switch on hand-held models, and turn the dial to the inflate position for built-in models.

 Why does my bed lose air after the first few hours or day?

 1. Air contraction. Like a hot-air balloon, heated air expands. When it cools off, it contracts. The same thing happens when you pump up an airbed. The heat created during pump up expands the air inside the mattress. After an hour or so, it cools off and the mattress loses volume. Needless to say that if you pumped up your airbed in the heat of the afternoon, it will cool off drastically at night when the temperature may drop. All that is required is to top the air bed off by using the pump.

 2. Material expansion. The airbed material can expand slightly when it is pumped up to full volume over time. It will stretch when someone lies down upon it. After time passes, the bed may appear to lose air because of this expansion. In either case, all that is required is to top the airbed off by using the pump.

 3. Air is leaking from the valve. Check for leaks near the valve and that the valve is properly shut.

 4. The bed has a puncture or tear. See below.

How can I fix a leak that I find in my bed?

If you have a puncture or tear in your product, it may be possible to repair the damage by using the Vinyl Repair Kit included with your product. Follow all instructions and heed all warnings included in the repair kit.

My air bed has flocking on the surface. How can I use the repair patch as it won't adhere to the flocking?

The repair patch is designed for vinyl surfaces. Using fine sandpaper, such as an emery board, you can gently rub away the flocking. When that is complete, the repair patch will hold.

How do I deflate my air bed?

Some pumps have a deflate feature. If your pump does not have that feature, you will have to deflate your air bed manually.

Unscrew or unsnap the cap of the air valve first and listen for escaping air. Next, remove your shoes and walk up and down the length of the air bed. Once you've done that a few times, you can start rolling your air bed from the end opposite the air valve to help the remaining air escape. When you have completely rolled up the camping air bed, use a cord or the bed's bag to keep it in that condensed shape. Be sure to close your valve and tighten after deflation, so it is ready for inflation the next time you use it.

How do I take care of or store my air bed?

Taking care of an air bed is easy. After you've deflated your bed, simply place it in the handy carry bag or a box. Keep it in a safe spot where it will stay protected from extreme heat, cold and water. Make sure you keep sharp objects away from your air bed as sharp objects can puncture the air mattress.

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