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Pool Basics

Liner Repair

How do I apply a dry patch to the liner?

Lower the water level beneath the hole on the side of the pool. Clean both sides of the liner, ensuring that the area is dry. If the patches are not round, cut the patches into round shapes, as sharp edges have a tendency to leak. Apply the dry patch to each side of the hole sandwiching the hole between the two patches. This will ensure that the sealing adhesive bonds on both sides of the hole. Ensure there are no air bubbles by pressing down in an outward circular motion, which will push out any trapped air. Let patches sit for at least 24 hours before adding water back into the pool.  The patch with build strength over the 24 hours.

How do I apply a wet patch with an adhesive underwater?

Cut the patch into a rounded shape. Make sure the patch is large enough to cover the damaged area. Apply adhesive sparingly to one side of the patch. Fold the patch in half over on itself. Once you reach the damaged area under the water, unfold patch, and immediately apply to the liner. Squeeze out any air bubbles or excess water and smooth out the patch. Do not disturb the patch for at least 12 hours.

How do I apply an adhesive vinyl patch to an inflatable pool?

Apply the pool vinyl adhesive to the patch sparingly. Press the patch tight to the surface being repaired ensuring to get all air bubbles out between patch and surface. Allow standing overnight before inflating.

How would I apply a peel-and-stick wet patch?

Make sure area is clean. Cut patch with rounded corners at ¾-inch larger than the hole. Separate the protective sheet from patch, then place the patch over the center of the hole and press firmly. Work out air and water bubbles from underneath the edges. Do not disturb patch for 30 minutes. The longer the patch remains, the more positive the bond. Note: If applied to an inflatable surface, do not inflate for 30 minutes.



Metal Frame Pieces will not come apart

There are many reasons why at the end of the season why frame components will not come apart.  In the extreme heat of summer, metal expands which makes it difficult if not impossible to take frame apart.  It is suggested to wait until the temperature drops giving time for the metal to cool and the metal to "Shrink" back to its normal dimensions.

There is also a phenomenon known as hydrolysis, where the salty air and water creates a situation where the frame components all but weld together. What is suggested if you live in a high humidity area with salty air or if you are using a saltwater system is to use a penetrating oil pretreatment or other silicone spray on all joints before putting the frame together.  You can also use the penetrating oil at the end of the season to break apart the joints.  Be certain to wipe away any excess before putting the frame together.  Clean off all spray before storing the frame for the offseason.

How do I set up my pool?

A Set-Up Manual is provided. To obtain another copy of the Set-Up Manual, please visit our Downloads page or contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-919-0070. Our Help Center contains videos on how to set up your Summer Escape® or Pro Series® Pool. Instructional Videos

Why doesn't water come out after I unscrew the drain plug?

On the inside of the liner, there is an inner plug that keeps water from escaping if the outer cap is removed or is broken by accident. Once the outer drain cap is removed, pull the inner plug to allow water to pass through the opening and out of your pool. This means someone will have to put their arm in the water to pull the plug. For larger model pools, the person will have to enter the pool to get to the plug. Replace the inner plug and outer drain cap when finished.

What should I do if there is water in my GFCI pump plug?

The GFCI plug on your pump is water-resistant, not waterproof. Place the pump and plug somewhere dry, preferably indoors. Wait 24 hours or until the water within the plug has evaporated. Test the pump by plugging it in to see if it works. If the pump does not turn on, then it will need to be replaced. You can contact Polygroup at 1-888-919-0070 to make a purchase. You may also buy a replacement at our online store.

My GFCI keeps tripping (or tripping my house circuit breaker), what should I do?

If the GFCI plug of your pump keeps tripping, there are a number of things to check before thinking about replacing the pump.  Look at the image below:


All Polygroup pumps are 110/115 volt, water-cooled non-submersible pumps. The above chart shows the watts, amps, and gallons per hour water flow of our pumps. Check with an electrician to see if a large amperage fuse is needed on the circuit where the pump is plugged into. There also could be an issue with the outlet. Try plugging the pump into another outlet not on the same house circuit. Hold the reset button on the GFCI plug for 30 seconds, then attempt to start the pump again. If the pump does not start or trips shortly afterward, then a replacement is necessary. you may purchase a replacement pump at our online store. or you may contact Polygroup at 1-888-919-0070.

My RP Pump is not moving water, what can I do about this?

Try to bleed the lines. Open the vent screw on the top of the canister while the pump is off. Wait for the water to come out of the top of the canister until it runs smoothly, then tightens the vent screw. Turn on the pump, and the issue should be solved.  If the issue has not been solved, please check the following links below the next question according to your pump.

The pump is running but I don't feel water coming into the pool. Why?

Please check with the following link for troubleshooting steps for no water flow during pump operation, check the links below according to your pump.

 Troubleshooting: SFX Systems

 Troubleshooting: SFS Systems

 Troubleshooting: RP Systems

 Troubleshooting: RX Systems

  Troubleshooting: CP2000-C Systems

How do I remove the pin and grommets from the frame when taking down my pool?

Use a rubber mallet to lightly tap them out. A rubber mallet will not dent the metal or chip the paint. Please see our Frame Dis-assembly section.

I run the filter pump regularly, but my pool water has become cloudy or green. Why?

The filter pump is designed to remove dirt and small material from the water. However, it does not prevent the growth of algae or other bacteria. We strongly advise the use of pool treatment additives to prevent algae and bacteria growth. Please consult your local pool supply retailer for recommendations. Please see our Pool Maintenance section.

The top ring of my Quick Set® pool has a hole in it but I can't find the source. Any suggestions?

Try using a solution of soapy water. Inflate the top ring and sponge the soapy water over the ring. Where the air escapes, bubbles should form. Wash away the soap, dry the area and use a repair patch on the hole.

The top ring of my pool is leaking. Will the pool collapse?

No. Although the top ring is designed for support, the pool will remain standing even if all the air is removed from the top ring. However, you should locate and repair the hole in the top ring using a repair patch. This will ensure that your Quick Set® pool will function optimally. Please see our How to find a hole in a Quickset-Pool section of this Help Desk for assistance.

Grass is growing in the bottom of my pool! Why? Are there holes in my pool?

Most likely, there are no holes in the bottom of the pool. Certain types of vigorous grasses, including St. Augustine and Bermuda grasses, can grow through the liner.

Before setting up your pool, it is recommended that you clear the area of these types of grasses.

Polygroup will not be held responsible for grasses that may grow through the ground cloth or pool liner, as this is not a manufacturing defect.


General Questions

Does a new pool purchased from an authorized retailer come with a filter cartridge?

Every new pool purchased at an authorized retailer comes with one pool filter cartridge. Additional filters can be purchased at Verify the size of filter cartridge because there are several sizes to choose from.

Can I connect my hose to the outside of the pool so I can drain it?

Yes. The drains on Polygroup pools were designed to fit most common hoses worldwide. If your hose does not fit, try a different hose until you find one that fits properly. Angling the fitting and cross-threading can provide a connection good enough to drain the pool.

Why does my new pool have patches on it when I just bought it?

During the manufacturing process, a patch may be added at the factory. It is not a defect in the material. Although it may not be aesthetically pleasing, the patch does not qualify as a warranty claim.

The user manual states not to run the pump while the pool is in use, but I want to use my sprayer attachment. What do I do?

It is safe and acceptable to use the sprayer and run the pump while the pool is in use. The manual states not to run it during that time in order to meet regulations in the United Kingdom. Make sure to keep splashing to a minimum while running an SFS system to ensure the weir is functioning properly. If you are using the sprayer attachment, keep water levels at the maximum level to ensure proper water flow throughout the system.

Why do some pool covers have holes in them?

Most pool covers don't have holes. Wal-Mart transparent pool covers, however, have holes in them for two reasons:

1. Water will accumulate on the pool cover and weigh it down when it rains. This can bend the metal frame and add stress to the pool and cover.

2. Standing water on top of the cover can make it very difficult to remove.

Why are the prices different in the user manual?

Previous year's manuals are not current and prices are subject to change. Our current prices are listed on our website at our online store. Contact us at 1-888-919-0070 should you have additional questions.

Can I upgrade my F1500 or below pump to an F2000 Pump?

The F2000 Pump is a different size than the other pumps. You can upgrade to an F2000, but you must purchase a new canister/filter case to do so. If you choose to do this, it is recommended that you purchase an SFS2000/RP2000 complete filtration system. You can purchase the SFS2000 Skimmer Canister Assembled with F2000c GFCI Pump Filtration System here: Pumps and Filtration Systems. Be aware that the F2000c pump has its own retaining nut.

Where can I purchase your pool products?

Polygroup® pool products are sold under several brand names including Polygroup®, Summer Escapes, and Pro Series. We also produce pools sold under private label brand names of leading retailers in the United States and worldwide. Please browse through the Retail Partners page to see where our products can be purchased.

Why can't I purchase a whole pool from you?

We are a warranty center, and our role is to replace/repair components for Polygroup swimming pool units. We assist our valued consumers in maintaining the usage of their pool products and accessories. To find out where to purchase our products, please go to the Retail Partners to see a list of retailers available to purchase a whole pool.

How do I set up my pool?

A Set-Up Manual is provided. To obtain another copy of the Set-Up Manual, please visit our Downloads page or contact our Customer Service Center at 1-888-919-0070. Our Help Center contains videos on how to set up your Summer Escape® or Pro Series® Pool. Please see our collection of Videos for assistance.

How long does it take to set up my pool?

Depending on the size of the pool and the condition of the area where it will be placed, a Quick Set® pool can be ready to fill with water in less than 15 minutes. For a Metal Frame Pool, you should be able to set up the pool in less than an hour. If you need assistance setting-up your pool, please check out our Videos section of this Help Desk. You can also find setup instructions here.

How much air should be used to inflate the top ring?

Do not over inflate any rings on the pool or use high-pressure air compressors. Inflate until the ring is slightly firm to touch. An over-inflated ring may burst or lead to leaks in the seam, especially when heated by the sun.

Do I need to prepare the ground or dig a hole for the pool?

The pool should be set up on the level ground (±2%) free of rocks, branches, other objects, and holes. Do not install the pool on sand; this can cause shifting under the water and will void your warranty. There is no need to dig a hole or otherwise prepare the ground. If you require an extra layer of protection between the ground and pool liner because of ground conditions, we recommend using a Polypool® ground cloth.

Do I need to install a fence around the pool?

Consult your local city building department for above-ground pool requirements. Some areas require a fence or other device around the pool area to ensure safety and security. Always supervise children playing in the pool area and do not leave them unattended.

I don't have an electrical outlet outside. How can I connect the filter pump?

Contact a qualified, licensed Electrician to install the necessary connection for your filter pump. Always comply with local electrical standards and regulations. Do not use extension cords and always ensure the pump is connected to an outlet installed with a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter).

How long do I need to run my filter pump for?

We recommend filtering the pool once a day. The actual required time depends on the size, amount of use and amount of debris in the pool. You can find operational times and other information at our Spreadsheets and Schematics section.

How many gallons of water does the pool hold?

We recommend filling your pool to 80 percent capacity and allowing room for water displacement during normal use. Please check the following for specific amounts:

Frame Pools

Oval Ring Pools

Round Ring Pools

Do I need to add chemicals to the water in my pool?

Yes. For sanitary reasons, your pool water should be treated. This may include the use of chlorine and other treatment additives. Consult your local pool supply retailer for recommendations. Basic pool maintenance instructions can be found here. Always consult with an expert before using any chemicals or additives. 

How often do I need to change my filter?

It depends on the time you run your filter and the amount of sediment in the pool water. Under normal use and conditions, the cartridge should be replaced every two weeks. Failure to change the cartridge will cause the pump to become clogged, reduce performance, and could cause damage to the pump. Please check our Filter Cleaning and Care section on tips on how to extend the life of your filter.

How often do I need to change the water?

With regular filter pump use, the use of pool treatment additives, and routine maintenance, you will not need to change the water completely very often. Consult with your local pool supply retailer for more specific advice.

Can I dive into the pool?

Diving into an above-ground pool is extremely dangerous and should not be done under any circumstances. Serious injury and/or death can result.

What is the pool made of? Is it strong?

All frame pools and Quick Set® ring pools are constructed using triple-layer PolyLaminate™ PVC composite material -- two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of polyester mesh for reinforcement. This material is designed to withstand rigorous use and provide long-lasting durability. Metal frame pools have a rust-resistant galvanized steel frame.

Do you sell pool covers or other accessories for my pool?

Yes. Please visit your local retailer for a selection of Polypool® above-ground pool accessories. Contact us at 1-888-919-0070 or you can order them through us at our online store.

Can the pool be left up year-round?

This depends on where you live and the average temperature in your area. Extreme cold weather may crack and damage the PVC walls. The pool should not be left in temperatures lower than 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I store my pool for the winter?

Be sure to completely drain and dry the pool before storage to prevent mold from growing. Store in a dry area where the temperature does not fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaving the pool in the sun will soften the vinyl, making it more pliable and easier to fold for storage. Check the Storage Tips section of our Help Desk for recommended pool storage procedures.

I don't feel like my pump is adequate or isn't pumping enough water?

All of our pumps are extensively tested to filter the necessary amount of water to keep that sized pool clean. Keep in mind that there are several things that factor into the water quality. If you would feel more comfortable with an upgrade, however, you may order one through us at your own cost.


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