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Salt Water Sanitation System Troubleshooting

Polygroup salt water system
Note: Disconnect the salt system and the pump from the electrical outlet before performing any troubleshooting.
System does not power on Unplugged unit Unit must be plugged into a 3-wire grounded outlet.
GFCI breaker tripped Reset circuit breaker. If problem persists, check power circuit.
Low voltage Check line voltage - must be 105 to 125 AC volts.
In Standby mode, LED blinks once every 5 sec. Press the standby button for 2 second to turn on the unit.
System nonoperational Electrolytic cell connectors are loose Adjust the chlorine and pH levels. Consult your local pool supplies stores.
Flow sensor failure, water flow
red LED is on
Clean the cell tube or replace the cell unit
Filter in cell case inlet is dirty Clean filter in cell case or replace filter.
Timer off, back to standby mode Turn on the unit.
Chlorine level
Low salt level, low salt level LED indicator on Add salt to water, adjust until LED indicator turn green.
High salt level, high salt level LED indicator on Partially drain the pool, refill with fresh water and adjust until LED indicator turns green.
Poor electrolytic cell condition,
orange LED indicator on
Recommend to replace cell with new unit.
Electrolytic cell failure, red LED indicator on Replace a new cell unit immediately.
Incorrect inlet and outlet hose direction Check the direction of inlet and outlet to the salt water system.
Water leakage Cell to pump hose Tighten hose clamp with strainer grid.
Poor cell inlet connection Check O-ring for damage. Replace if needed and lubricate with petroleum jelly.
Cell’s outlet tube to pool hose Adjust hose clamp, check O-ring. Check hose for any holes or cracks.
Cell case to tube lock nut Make sure top and bottom case are screw tight with cell cover nut.
The cell unit O-ring Check O-ring for damage, replace if needed and lubricate with petroleum jelly.


Additional Information

Chlorine will dissipate and leave the pool unprotected without free chlorine in several hours. Please Add chlorine stabilizer. The stabilizer CYANURIC ACID helps to maintain free chlorine level in pool water. The formula for the cyanuric acid level is approximately 1% of the salt.

Water Capacity Salt Needed for start up 3.0g/L (3000ppm) Cyanuric Acid needed for start up 0.03g/L (30ppm)
Gals Liters Lbs KGs Lbs KGs
1000 3785 25 11 0.25 0.11
2000 7570 50 23 0.5 0.23
3000 11356 75 34 0.75 0.34
4000 15141 100 45 1.00 0.45
5000 18927 125 57 1.25 0.56
6000 22712 150 68 1.50 0.68
7000 26497 175 79 1.75 0.79





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