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Pool Ladder Setup Instruction


In order to begin setting up the pool ladder, the customer will need to provide a Phillips head screwdriver as well as a small adjustable wrench.


1. Start with the "R" labeled ladder leg (the right leg) and carefully pry open one ladder step clip from the side and slide it from the top of the leg down to the lowest indented section. The ridge of the ladder clip should be on the inside of the leg. Repeat this step with the "L" section.​


2. Slide a step down over both legs. Make sure that the side of the step marked with an "R" is on the right side leg. Slide the step down until the ladder step clips insert into the underside of the step and the ridges inside of the clips lock into place. The ladder step clips should be inserted flush against the bottom of the step.

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, installing the rest of the ladder step clips and steps for the first section. Assemble the second ladder leg section in the same manner, repeating steps 1 and 2.

4. Install the lock washer and thread cap nut on until the ladder brace tightens up against the handle.


5. Stand both ladder leg sections in the upright position, with feet facing outward. Place the ladder handles, with the ladder handle braces on the outside of the ladder, on top of both ladder leg sections.

6. Make sure all the steps are now parallel to the ground and that the safety warnings are facing outward.

7. From the inside of the ladder handles, insert the four machine screws through the flat washers, then through the handle and fasten in place using the four lock washers and cap nuts. This step is very important because it keeps the handles from separating from the legs- ladder failure will result if screws are not properly installed.

8. If the ladder came with a safety barrier, install that now by inserting the barrier into the designated slots and securing with the plastic lock pin included.

Need an owner's manual? Please visit the Ladder Assembly Owner'​s Manual​ W/B​arrier​or W/Out Barrier​


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